Our history

Villa Contessa Massari is a historic residence built in the eighteenth century, originally belonging to the ancient and noble Nigrelli family and, since 1870, owned by the Massari family. The Villa owes its name to the last heir of the Massari family, Countess Maria Cristina Massari, a woman of great charm and resourcefulness, and a traveler who is passionate about art and photography.

The Villa, built as a residence for nobles as their summer retreats, is enveloped in its large private park (26,000 square meters), in an isolated position on the edge of the town of Ducentola (Ferrara).

The stables, adjacent to the Villa and surrounded by the park, have recently been the focus of a complete restoration project, which has created an atmosphere of ancient beauty.

Villa Contessa Massari represents the fulcrum of the Negrella estate that was part of the immense land and real estate assets of the Massari family; this part of the territory expanded from the city of Ferrara to the areas bordering the province of Bologna. Of the priceless original heritage, which was divided up and sold over time to different owners, the Villa has retained the most important part.

The renovation work in 2012 restored the original splendor of the Villa, which is now subject to protection pursuant to law 1089/1939 art. 1 with architectural constraint in favor of the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

Download the architectural plans (PDF)